понеділок, 18 лютого 2008 р.

Amish: Don’t Drink or Drive or Die Hard and Push it Real Good T-Shirts and more

Сollection of funny and attractive T-shirt images all over the world. All images has links where you can immediately order them. Don’t miss the selection.

'Amish: Don't Drink or Drive' Funny T-Shirt for Men 'Die Hard' Funny T-Shirt for Men 'Push It' Funny T-Shirt for Men

The Cyberman by Faded Line

The Cyberman was a design that many said couldn't accurately print on apparel. HA! Everyone's flipping over this! You be the judge. Illustration by Emek.

The Cyberman was originally featured on a concert poster by Emek for Tool. Click on image to see detail about this T-Shirt

четвер, 24 січня 2008 р.

Party Fowl

'Party Fowl' T-Shirt for Men'Party Fowl' T-Shirt for Men

You see, the problem is, their small little claws and sharp beaks make spilling that beer inevitable. But gosh, they're so tasty we can forgive them.

Price: 17.99 (USD)

Pierce & Pierce

'Pierce & Pierce' T-Shirt for Men'Pierce & Pierce' T-Shirt for Men

This shirt will have all your friends thinking: "Jesus. How'd a nit-wit like you get so tasteful." (If you're wondering about the shirt, that's pale nimbus white and the lettering is something called Silian Rail.)

Price: 17.99 (USD)

середа, 23 січня 2008 р.

Original Gangsta

'Original Gangsta' T-Shirt for Women'Original Gangsta' T-Shirt for Women

Back in the day we used to shoot 8-bit ducks just for fun. How's that for hardcore?

Price: 17.99 (USD)


'O'Doyle Rules' T-Shirt for Men'O'Doyle Rules' T-Shirt for Men

O'Doyle, I got a feeling your whole family is goin down...

Price: 17.99 (USD)

Never Forget

'Never Forget' T-Shirt for Kids'Never Forget' T-Shirt for Kids

There are many theories behind the sudden mass extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago: asteroid attack, environmental changes, terrorism. But we will never know for sure...

Price: 17.99 (USD)